We, the people

Following upon  the last few days of  bad news and   especially the unfortunate outcome of the American presidential ellections,  I wanted to post these photos taken back in 2014 in London on Trafalgar Square, of people demonstrating for democracy. Looking at what kind of leaders we elect, we nor longer have any role models. I strongly feel , it’s time for us people, to be the real heroes if we want to live in a better world…

A bit of Africa

Tonight I am posting some photos I took on a safari back in June

I went there with a friend. It was her first time on a safari and it was the third time for me

We did three parks in three days : Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara and Tarangire

Ngorongoro was the most impressive but each of them had some different to offer

We saw so many animals and we were lucky enough to get a close look at them


I am back



I’m back

I’ve been away on a six-month internship  in Tanzania at the Alliance Française of Dar Es Salaam.

I wished I could have updated my readers with all my adventures but it turned out accessing internet was not easy. It put me  off doing any blogging.

I got busy teaching and preparing for my classes but also enjoying my time there.

But I will definitely share with you some photos of my stay there,

So do come back and visit my blog again

I missed you






Celebrations begin

Hey everyone

I can’t believe more than a week has passed without posting anything,

I’m trying to set my mind back in my MA which I am following by distance. I also  had huge  sleeping problems which is why I  tended to wak up late and go to bed late. It’s not helping the stuyding or just concentrating.

Anyway, the last month of the year is here and I was trying these last few days to think about ways of coming  up with projects for this blog. I am thinking of family and childhood photos and of so much more to share with all of you.  But for this specific month which is undeniably  month of celebrations, ( you can’t avoid it) , I will share Christmasy photos of course. To start off with this festive month, here are some totally random  photos to put you in the mood ( or not ) :