About a girl

Dear visitor

I’m a 28 year old student in teaching French as a foreign language. I have a passion for photography. I love sharing what I do with people.
I started taking an interest in photography when I received my first digital camera ten  years ago , a small Olympus. At the time, I was living in India, in Hyderabad and started taking pictures of landscapes, buildings, streets.
Four years ago, I bought a DLR camera, a Canon 500D. Obviousy having upgraded to a  proper camera, I was able to achieve more technically when taking photos. I used to be part of a association of photographers , all amateurs. I enjoyed exhibiting photos from my trips to India mainly.
A few years have passed. I’ve grown more confident and I feel that the kind of photos I’m doing nowadays are so much more mature . I don’t have a specific style because I enjoy the freedom photography gives.
I also love touching up some of my photos. I don’t think it is necessarily a bad thing. The process of touching up , creating effects with light and colours is also part of being of an artist.

But enough about me,
I hope you’ll enjoy my blog


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