I’m 30

It’s 4:32 am and I’m officially 30. Actually still 2 or 3 hours to go. I always get mixed up with the times. I actually woke up and thought this post would be a good way to enter this new phase of my life. The truth is, I’m scared. It’s alright when you turn 20 and you have these precious 10 years where you actually start having really fun, enjoying life as it comes, going through one experience and then another. It’s usually the years of your student life, working long hours in the library until some security guard throws you out, or for the wildest, long nights out with your friends, getting sloshed on beer and wine and then pewking outside the pub ( I have never done that. I have been a good girl) .

What I mean, is that when you are  in those precious twenties, you can live life more fully. But approaching 30, things gradually change. People have expectations. It seems like if you are still a student like me,unmarried,  no  children, living with your parents, with a 25 000 euros loan  in the bank , with no stable job yet, it seems like let’s say it frankly you have failed your life.You’ll start  hearing more and more about these “succesful people” who do it better and worse of all these people are part of your family. And unfortuantely when you are half Indian like me, you’ll get to hear  even more about them

“He’s already a doctor whoa and he’s just published a book. how clever nah?”

“Nice couple. He just got promoted”.

“Whoa, did you see their new house. they bought in cash. How clever”. And so on

on and on and on on. OK OK.

So then they turn to you, as if they are saying  And…..what can you say about yourself ?

WELL, let me reflect on my life : so far a past life  in 5 countries , being  a passioante teacher,  got the internship I wanted at my uni,  in a few months 2 MAs,  various current projects online, the prospective of creating a language centre, a prospective job for September ( can’t say anything but crossing fingers) , a lovley boyfriend in TZ, and lots of friends …

WEll it’s not that bad …


















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