I didn’ t know what to post tonight after what happened yesterday in Paris. I thought if I post something happy, it would sound like “the girl doesn’t care” or if I posted something deeply sad , it would sound over dramatic. So  I’m sharing these few photos of churches and mosques. Perhaps because they convey peace and calm in this very chaotic reality,. I also realized something tonight if that when such tragedies take place, the first thing people do is to pray for the vicitms. praying,  isn’t that what religion is all about. Pray for peace, pray for a better world. And yet it doesn’ t take much for people to start hating and abusing people because they belong to a specific religion. The people who committed the horrible crimes of last night don’t know anything about religion and God. There is nothing religious in killing people.

36290_433179710338_4942261_n  mosque delhi

IMG_4241 IMG_4470IMG_4738 IMG_4751IMG_4747426807_10150719654115339_2127512041_n


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